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HMK490 LC HD - 9 Valves

Footbridge Right
Footbridge Left
Extra Weight
Rock Guard
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General information:

o Model includes 9 valves

o Scale 1:14,5

o Automatic quick coupler for attachments

o Includes all the features and functions of the real excavator

o All whole composition is made of high quality metal

o Fully hydraulically operated (chain drive, swivel drive, boom)

o Undercarriage length: 392 mm

o Track width: 239 mm

o Chain width: 52 mm

o Height over cabine: 239 mm

o Length with stretched boom: max. 1050 mm

o Height with stretched boom: max. 770 mm

o Digging depth with standard bucket: 430 mm

o Tipping height: 500 mm

o Weight: 15.5 kg


o Undercarriage 3mm steel, Laser cut, CNC turned and milled

o Undercarriage components made of aluminum and steel, CNC turned and milled

o Double ball bearing chain tensioner made of heat treated steel and aluminum, self-tightening or manual

o Chains made of zinc casting perfectly detailed

o Swivel bearing made of 6 pieces heat-treated steel assembled in high precision with 80 screws


o Swivel drive; axial piston hydromotor, 1/20rpm

o Superstructure body made of steel, aluminum, stainless steel and brass

o Upper carriage made of metal, very detailed

o There are 4 doors in the superstructure: 1x for the cabin, 3x for the engine compartment

o Special door hinges and cast iron railings are cut with a laser cutting machine 100% scaled, precise and in high quality manual work

o Cabin CNC turned and milled from aluminum block

o Cabin includes a multifunctional digital display with on/off switch

o Grappler (two-part) made of steel and brass, Laser cut, CNC turned and milled, laser-welded together

Drive system:

o Axial piston hydromotor

o consisting of 6 mm piston of 11 pieces

o Planetary gear max. speed 20rpm

Hydraulic system:

o 550 watt Outrunner Brushless Motor

o Valveblock 15 mm aluminum 7075 CNC turned and milled

o Working pressure approx. 30 - 35 bar

o Pump made of aluminum and hard steel CNC turned and milled.

o Working performance of the pump max. 40 bar

o Pump is equipped with an integrated pressure relief valve

o Flow rate of the pump 1.3 litres per minute

o Demountable hydraulic cylinder with hard chromed piston rods

o Piston rods with 6 mm diameter

o High pressure resistant hoses made of industrial polyurethane

o Oil tank made from brass with anti-foaming design and level indicator

o Oil radiator out of aluminium block, CNC turned and milled

o Cooling fins are equipped with an active fan

o Hydraulic oil temperature remains constant


o Operating voltage 11.1V - 12V

o 4500mAh NiMH or Lipo 3S 4000mAh – 3S 7000mAh

o Lighting with super bright SMD LEDs in series: 2x arm, 2x on the upper carriage front, 2x on the cabin

o Specially designed Pistenking board for light and operating

o 5,5kg digital high speed servo for the valve blocks

o OLED multifunctional display with indication (operating pressure, voltage, light control, logo)

o High-quality 60A ESC

Special equipment:

o Extra rear weight, CNC turned and milled from aluminum block

o Extended entry strips for the driver's side and opposite side

o Rockguard

o Various attachments

Scope of delivery:

o HMK490 LC HD - 9valves

o Standard steel buckets with cast brass bucket teeth

o Automatic quick coupler for attachments

o The delivery does not include batteries, remote control, receiver!







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